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30 Days, 30 Tasks, Infinite Results : WhatsApp Marketing

If you’re looking forward to your summer holidays and don’t want to be glued to your phone continuously marketing your business but don’t want to be forgotten either and have to start from scratch when you get back in August, I’m launching ’30 Days, 30 Tips, Infinite Results’—quick marketing advice all via WhatsApp.

No videos to watch, no workbooks—just real, actionable tips.  

These daily 5-10 minute tasks will get you doing things you don’t ordinarily have time for in your day-to-day marketing.  Some will include doing interviews over your phone because you’re on the move traveling.  Other ideas include what to post on your socials to keep up the engagement.  

These tips will work like compound interest…the more you are seen everywhere the higher the credibility.  It’s a strategic way of appearing to be working while you’re actually on holiday working far fewer hours than you ever have.  

Join me for 30 days to effortlessly tackle one marketing task each day.

We’ll ensure it’s manageable because if it feels overwhelming, we won’t stick to it. You’ll have access to necessary resources when you need it – templates and prompts.

As momentum builds, you’ll be inspired to keep at it.

You will get a marketing task to complete each day, Monday to Friday, via WhatsApp (weekends are for catching up or resting).

The timeline:

  • May 31st: The offer ends, and it’s the last day to get on the list.

  • June 3rd: We start!

  • By the 1st of July: Marketing feels easy. You know exactly how to create it in a way that feels good, even when you feel lazy. You’re consistent. You have a plan and a system that’s unique to you.

Let’s make the next 30 days about knowing exactly what to say to get your dream client flocking to you. And where marketing feels good and easy and fun.  

The investment for 30 days of marketing help is $60.  

And there’s a 7-Days no questions asked money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

To join, click here:  

I saw a 30% increase in revenue after just 10 days of implementing the strategies.”
– Sarah M., Marketing Consultant


  • Time-Saving Hacks: Productivity secrets to get more done in less time 
  • Mindset Makeover: Ditch the self-doubt, step into your CEO shoes.
  • Conversion Tactics: Turn leads into paying clients, faster.
  • Strategic Marketing Tips: Maximise your profits without sacrificing your sanity.

Often my clients tell me they have all BEST ideas but can’t follow through without me keeping them accountable. That’s why I’ve got you covered.

“Finally, a guide that speaks directly to the challenges women in business face. The tips are practical, actionable, and actually work!”
– Emily B., Coach & Consultant

Ready to make 2024 your most profitable year yet? Click that button and let’s do this!

30 Days WhatsApp Marketing


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