A Peek Into My Post Summer Sales Strategy

It’s hard to believe that here in Singapore, we’re already gearing up to back-to-school after an epic Summer.

Time has flown by this year, and while my business has been thriving, I’m eager to be more proactive and implement an effective system. I’m curious if you have any experience with such systems or if you’ve found one that works well for you.

If you’re interested in joining me and staying accountable, here’s what I have in mind. You can join our free Facebook group to engage in further discussions.


First, let’s set up an Excel sheet to define the four basic stages of the sales process:

  1. New opportunity:
    When someone expresses interest by following you on social media or downloading your free book, they become a potential lead.
  2. Initial contact:
    If they’ve followed you on Instagram but haven’t downloaded the free book, I’ll send them the link to it.

If they’ve already downloaded the book, I’ll invite them to join our free Facebook group.

Next, I’ll jot down their name and check if they’re following me on Instagram, Facebook, and subscribed to my email list.

I’ll also make sure they’ve been opening my emails and reach out to them in case my emails have been landing in their junk folder.

  1. Engaging:
    Assuming they’re connected on at least two out of three platforms, I might take a look at their social media profiles and share additional resources that could be helpful. This will also serve as an opportunity to start a conversation about their needs and how I can assist them.
  2. Qualified:
    Once I have a better understanding of where they stand in their business, I can tailor different offers to match their needs. These offers could range from freebies to low-ticket offers, mid-ticket group coaching, or even personalized 1:1 services.

If I can’t provide the necessary assistance, but know someone who can, I’ll share a resource and recommend a collaboration opportunity with another trusted professional.

Ultimately, my goal is to become the go-to, trusted source they can rely on for their business needs.

Although this approach is most effective with a list of 500 or fewer contacts, it can still be implemented with a larger following. It may take a bit more time, but the results will be worth it.

If you’re concerned about the workload involved, consider the amount of content you’re already creating to attract new prospects. By focusing on those who have already shown interest in your offerings, you can maximize your efforts and build stronger relationships.

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