about me

“You can take all my stuff, and it won’t mean a thing.”

Greetings! I’m Mangla, an Expat Entrepreneur who embarked on my first business venture at the young age of 17, and since then, I’ve been on a mission!

My focus lies in uncovering distinctive niches and assisting ambitious expats and digital nomads in transforming their adventures, knowledge, networks, and travels into tangible profits. Earn wherever and whenever you please!

My mission is simple: I want to help you achieve your goals and generate substantial income while you indulge in activities like playing tennis, enjoying brunch with champagne, or jetting off on your next holiday.

Here’s what this means for us:

We’ve all had experiences that others would envy and long for.

We’ve dared to try new things, encountered extraordinary individuals, embraced diverse cultures, and discovered an entirely new way of life.

If any of those things on the list make you appreciate the thrilling journey we’re on, then pay attention:

I firmly believe that:

You have the ability to share your knowledge, experiences, and business ideas from any corner of the world and start earning money by doing what you love.

The real reason you haven’t achieved massive success in your business isn’t due to lack of effort. Sometimes, we get trapped in our own thoughts, engaging in the same old activities, hoping they will attract clients, only to give up when they don’t work.

I understand. It gets monotonous and repetitive. But you know what? Sometimes it’s not your product or service; it’s your audience. Perhaps they’re simply not the right fit.

This is where a business coach and marketing strategist can make a difference. They will provide you with a fresh perspective, zoom out, and reveal untapped niches eagerly waiting for your attention.

However, don’t worry, we won’t waste time creating detailed client profiles and personas. We’ll keep things simple, breezy, and enjoyable.

After all, we started this journey to make money and relish in the adventure!

Now, here are three actions you can take right away:

1. Follow me on Instagram and send me a direct message with the secret word “calendar.”

2. Join my free Facebook group to discover engaging conversations and participate in the discussion.

3. Sign up for my mailing list and respond with “I’d love to chat.” I’ll send you a calendar link to book a complimentary 30-minute coaching session—no sales pitch, I promise!

You initiated this business to make money, have an incredible time, and put your passion to work. With these tips, you can achieve all that and more.

You have the power to earn money on your own terms, on your own schedule.

Our Mission

My mission is simple. It is for you to achieve your vision.  

I want you to visualise 6 months ahead.  You have launched a business.  You’ve learnt so many new things about business and yourself. You’re already seeing new clients, and you’re making a monthly income that’s more than you’ve ever made before.

Our Values

Supportive, kind, motivational and accountable. 
I am here to support you, hold your hand as your mind wobbles, and clear any doubts and confusion you may have during your journey of running a successful, location-independent business.


While I’m originally from London, UK, I have moved around the world (more than once!), and have lived in Australia, Malaysia, England, Scotland and currently reside in Singapore.

I set up a business in almost every city l’ve ever lived in.

I started my first business at age 17. I’ve had a publishing company, crafts, membership, PR and Publicity agency and more.

I set up a Printing Business in 2020. @Printsipal Printing with my BFF here in Singapore!

We hit 6 figures quickly, won an award and worked with Facebook, an Embassy and many International Schools.

With this success, I realised that if we were to move again, I’d have to start from scratch in a different country.

That is when Expat Business In A Bag started. I help other expats like myself and digital nomads build businesses they can take anywhere!

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