Empowering Your Business Journey: 5 Essential Tips for Year-End Reflection and Planning

As we enter the goal-setting and reflection phase of the year, here are 5 quick tips to assist you with your strategy, goals, plans, and reflection.

1) Getting clear on your goals

Perhaps, like every year, you set some goals. What were they? Did you achieve some of them? Were some a bit too ambitious, given your year of running a business, revealing missing links that needed attention first?

Now, with a year’s worth of wisdom, what new goals will you add? Will they be more achievable or concrete?

2) Common business mistakes and how to avoid them

Undoubtedly, you’ve learned new things and realised there are actions you didn’t need to take, expenses you didn’t need to incur, and engagements you could have skipped. Write them down and move on; dwelling too much here serves little purpose.

3) Mindset essentials for women in business

This is significant! From imposter syndrome to questioning why you’re on this journey, you’ll face a spectrum of emotions, sometimes all in one day!

Mindset work around pricing, being visible, and overcoming concerns about what friends and family might think is a daily task. Similar to brushing your teeth every morning, reminding yourself that your feelings are temporary and will pass, and noting down your achievements each day, can be immensely helpful.

4) Getting the business basics right

‘Build it and they will come’ doesn’t quite apply in business. Instead, it’s more like ‘build it, find your audience, adjust your niche, attract a targeted audience, and then they will come.’

Identify where you need help by revisiting the past year; examine your numbers. What worked? What didn’t? Who paid? Who didn’t?

5) Simple ways to access help with running your business: You don’t necessarily need another business course, as there’s no magic bullet that will provide all the answers. What you do need is to identify where you fall short. Is it consistency with social media, following up, or effective copywriting?

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