Getting Your First 50 Subscribers & Turning Them Into Loyal Buyers

Michele’s Celebration Alert: She’s Crushed Her Revenue Goal

Before her win, Michele was scattered across social media casting a wide net and hoping the right buyer would bite.

Every week, she’d burn 4-6 hours in Facebook groups and another 3-5 hours scrolling through Instagram.

But after diving into the strategies I shared, she slashed her social media time by 50%! Now, Michele happily binges on fun videos and dreamy travel content, already planning her next escape.

How Did She Pull It Off

By tapping into the strategies and tools from my mini course.

Armed with hacks, actionable tips and a robust checklist, Michele managed to:

  • Redefine Her Game: She prioritised her tasks, smashing her goals she once thought unattainable.
  • Master Her Target Audience: By channeling ideal clients into her mailing list, she showcased her offers, addressed their queries and forged powerful connections.

Here’s The Kicker

You can replicate her success. Heck, you might even outshine it.

If you don’t have enough sales and customers, and you don’t have a big enough list or following and you’re feeling lost and confused on what the best marketing strategy is for your business, then this is for you.

Introducing “Attracting Your First or Next 50 Subscribers Who Then Go On To Buy From You

Dive into this engaging video series that’s crafted for accountability

Tackle a tip daily or binge on three

Watch your potential client list bloom and gear up to capitalise on it.

You will get 5 videos that will walk you step-by-step on tasks you can accomplish in a few minutes. Each task when compounded with the others will unleash exponential growth in your audience engagement and sales conversions.

Wondering, “But is this for ME?”

I totally understand your scepticism. I’ve been there, debating if a program was worth it. So, don’t just rely on my word, hear from other folks I’ve worked with.

Why You Should Learn From Me

I’m a seven-time award-winning entrepreneur, with successful ventures spread across Australia, Malaysia, the UK, Scotland, and now Singapore. One of my endeavours even soared to six figures in the first year of business.

I’m a seasoned marketing and business coach. My insights and expertise have been showcased in both digital and print publications and l’ve been a guest on numerous podcasts and now can’t wait to share these tips with you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to transform minutes of effort into lasting successful.

How To Get Your First 50 Subscribers


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