Start the Business of Your Dreams

Starting a new business is one of the most exciting endeavours you can take part In. Whether you’re starting a business to share your knowledge and experience with others, or because you’re hopeful about the promise of financial freedom, I can help you from concept to launch.

Worried about how you’re going to come up with a business idea?

Think about where you find yourself spending most of your time in a week. Is it yoga or baking? Have you learnt Feng Shui or authentic Vietnamese cooking? Lean into the specialised knowledge you have and consider how it can be turned into a business.

But luckily for you, I have a free book to help you!

It’s packed with over 40 easy business ideas for expats, digital nomads and anyone who’s looking for a business idea.

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And how about a business that makes you money even as you sleep?

From memberships to evergreen courses to group coaching programs, getting your business online is the perfect solution for periods of transition and getting settled in, especially for expats and digital nomads.

For busy mums who have to work around school holidays, you could earn while you’re at the park, in Disneyland or at the beach?

Marketing Action Session

Hiring a Start-up Business Coach is a game-changer. Let someone else:

* Help you figure out how to work fewer hours while generating more income. 
* Show you how to convert your social media followers into paying clients 
* Share 11 ways to attract your audience
* And introduce you to people you can collaborate with.

From $127

 “Why do you want a business coach?
And Why me?

For businesses in Singapore, you may need to renew your LOC and are looking for someone with PR status who is also a business coach and marketing strategist.  

With the bespoke package, we get to choose the areas that provide you the greatest returns and build a strategy to hit your business goals.   

We concentrate on tasks that will put more money back into your business.  

Scale, build or prepare to sell… let’s chat!  

I’m a 7-time entrepreneur, having built businesses in Australia, Malaysia, England, Scotland and 2 businesses here in Singapore, I am a marketing specialist, a business coach and strategist, a speaker, mentor and an accountability partner. 

For everywhere else in the world:

Sometimes you just need to chat with someone who can:

Provide accountability for goals you want to accomplish.

Help plan collaborations, referrals and joint promotions.

I can’t wait to have a friendly chat to find out how we can work together.

20 Years Experience

Personalised Approach

Award Winning

Dedicated Support

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