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All Things Insta Club

For waffle-free, easy to follow, step-by-step Instagram training that gets results join the All Things Insta Club 🙌 It’s just £9.99pm (you can stay for as long or as briefly as you like). Stop attracting random followers and start attracting your IC to your feed!

Ready to join a community where we get stuff done? No fluff. Just great women building brilliant businesses.  

This community has everything you need to start showing up for yourself …and your business.
Weekly Check-In and Out.

Having live time with Lucienne will allow you to regularly reflect on your progress and ensure you take consistent action. Giving you the energy  to succeed.

An extraordinary platform for women whether you’re starting out, reaching the next level or want more for yourself! It all begins with mindset!

Metricool is a comprehensive social media program that keeps track of your digital presence across all the major social media platforms.

It’s a fantastic tool for social media marketers since it unifies all social accounts in one place. So they don’t need to log into multiple accounts every time they want to check on their progress.

We should point out that Metricool does more than just track social analytics. It can help with other tasks as well such as content planning and scheduling, manage ad campaigns, and reporting.

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