Unlock the Networking Secret: How Your Casual Chats Can Land Six-Figure Deals!

There’s that occasional awkward moment at networking events or social gatherings when I’m introducing myself and someone asks, ‘So, what do you do?’ 

Having a well-prepared answer is essential because you never know who might refer business your way.

From experience and practice, I’ve found it’s essential to grab your audience’s attention right from the first sentence. The objective is to have them itching to ask the next big question: ‘How did you get into that?’

My introduction usually rolls out like this:

Me: ‘I teach business women how nearly every contact in their phone, or even their Facebook friends list, can earn them anywhere from $10 to $100 in business.’

And then, inevitably, the follow-up question arises:

Them: ‘How do you do that?’  

Me: ‘I show them that our networks are like gold mines! With a touch of detective flair, you’ll see that folks in your contacts can either refer their friends and family to you, or introduce you to someone in their network who commands a sizeable audience.’

Then we get to the question they’re eagerly waiting to hear the answer to, “So, how did you get into that?” 

This is the portion of the introduction that gives an introduction to your story, adding your credibility and your personality.  

Me: It all started when I kept hearing business owners say they didn’t know where to find their ideal clients or how to reach them. But when I asked about their hobbies or past jobs, it became super clear. This kept happening over and over, and I realised I was onto something big. So far, using this insight, I’ve helped 13 businesses hit their six-figure goals.

Them: Fascinating.  You should speak to my friend Carol who’s running her own business.  Here is her Instagram handle and check her out.  

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